Financial Assistance available to Oregon Farmers, Ranchers and Forest Owners!

Opportunities are available for Yamhill County farmers, ranchers and forest owners, and land leasee’s to perform voluntary conservation activities with financial assistance from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Next application deadline November 20

NRCS Oregon announced new sign-up deadlines for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Agricultural Conservation Easements Program (ACEP). Applicants must apply by November 20, 2020 to be considered for the first round of fiscal year 2021 funding.

To apply for EQIP, contact your local McMinnville NRCS Field Office. 

Thomas Hoskins at 503-376-7605 or Sergio Villasenor at 503-376-7607


The November 20 deadline applies to the following funding pools:

  • Ag Water Quality EQIP: Offers financial assistance within the focused watersheds of the Yamhill River (See Oregon NRCS website for the interactive map).  This program cost-shares the implementation of drip irrigation conversion, irrigation pumps and VFD’s, adoption of cover crops, and adoption of no-till planting practices within the focus area.
  • Erosion in Orchards EQIP: Offers financial assistance throughout Yamhill County to incentivize the adoption of cover crops, and no-till practices in the understory of Hazelnut Orchards to reduce soil erosion.  NRCS and Yamhill SWCD are working in partnership and both entities are offering cost-share agreements for the adoption of these soil conserving practices.
  • Healthy Forests EQIP: Offers financial assistance within a focus area in Western Yamhill County (See Oregon NRCS website for the interactive map).  This program cost-shares practices that will enable forest owners to implement Pre-commercial thinning, interspecies planting, brush control, and many other practices, that will help diversify the forest landscape, and reduce wildfire risks associated with overstocked stands of trees.
  • Yamhill Oak Restoration RCPP-EQIP projects. RCPP funding will provide investments in oak and prairie habitats in Yamhill County. This will fund practices typically associated with oak and prairie restoration projects under similar contracting procedures as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program to address the primary resource concern of Wildlife Habitat Degradation/Terrestrial Habitat, including Douglas Fir removal from Oak stands, thinning, brush management, and replanting native understory vegetation within the Oak Savanah areas.
  • Organic EQIP: Offers financial assistance to USDA certified organic producers and to producers wishing to transition their operation to obtain an organic certification.
  • Seasonal High Tunnel EQIP: Offers financial assistance to install a seasonal high tunnel (hoop house) to extend seasonal crop production to strengthen local and regional food markets while reducing pesticide use and energy inputs.
  • On-Farm Energy EQIP: Assists producers to conserve energy on their farms through an on-farm energy audit and provides assistance to implement various recommended measures identified in an energy audit.
  • Animal Feeding Operation (AFO) Initiative: Available to AFO producers statewide to address water quality and air quality resource concerns by developing a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan to manage manure and organic byproducts; and to implement conservation practices identified in that plan.
  • Agricultural Conservation Easements Program (ACEP): NRCS provides financial and technical assistance to secure easements for both working agricultural lands and for wetlands. The program has two components: one for Agricultural Land Easements (ALE) and one for Wetland Reserve Easements (WRE). Learn more on the Oregon ACEP webpage.

First Friday’s with Marion SWCD

Join Marion SWCD on the First Friday of each month for a one hour presentation and network opportunity.

“First Fridays at Marion SWCD are for our current and future customers. We want folks to feel welcome in this new virtual platform. Our goals are to share resources/information to put conservation practices on the ground and connect you to local subject matter experts”.

A non-formal presentation and opportunities to network with subject matter experts will fit into the 9:00-10:00 am timeframe.

Register Here.

When What
November 6th Water Rights Q & A w/Laura Schroeder, Session 1
December 4th Water Rights Q & A w/Laura Schroeder, Session 2
January 8th Environmental Education w/Marion SWCD
February 5th Native Plants WORK!
March 5th Irrigation Technology w/Brandon Bishop
April 2nd Local Fish & Water Quality w/Karen Hans, ODFW Fish Biologist


Virtual Workshops with Tualatin SWCD

Join Tualatin SWCD for two new workshops this fall! For more information and to register click HERE


When What
Thursday, October 9th Promoting Horse & Pasture Health
Saturday, November 7th Preparing Your Property for Winter





Join Oregon Pasture Network and instructor, Woody Lane, for a three day, practical workshop on grazing, pastures, & soils.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up a grazing system
  • How to evaluate your pasture
  • The 4 Critical Principles of good grazing
  • When to open the gate
  • When to move animals off a pasture
  • How to sample soils and use the soil test numbers
  • Which fertilizers to use and when to apply them
  • Which forages are best for different purposes
  • Repairing pastures after a wildfire


Date: Monday       10/26       6–8:30 pm

 Tuesday        10/27      6–8:30 pm

 Wednesday  10/28      6–8:30 pm


Advanced Registration Online Only! Find out more and REGISTER at


Instructor: Woody Lane

Livestock nutritionist & forage specialist, Roseburg • Teaches popular forage and nutrition workshops around the U.S. • Ph.D. in livestock nutrition, Cornell University • Past President, Oregon Forage & Grassland Council • Consulting in Oregon since 1990 •




Benton and Polk Soil & Water Conservation District’s have gone virtual with their annual Native Bulb & Seed sales! 


Browse an assortment of native seeds and bulbs at the Benton SWCD Fall Bulb & Seed Sale! Click here to place your order by September 30th.

Visit Polk SWCD Bulb & Perennials Sale for more native options to enhance your garden! Click here to place your order.


2020 Board of Director Elections

November 3

Yamhill SWCD has Four Open Zone Positions:
Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4 & Zone 5

LEARN MORE: Visit Oregon Department of Ag for Election Details, forms, and more.

Elections FAQZone Map


The district wants to say a huge thank you to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund. In February the district received a $6,000 grant award to help with the purchase of a fire trailer, hose, and gear to protect conservation acres managed by the district. In July the district received an additional $6,000 grant award to help with the purchase of an equipment trailer. Both of these grants help meet huge needs for the district. The fire trailer will provide a higher level of safety and liability protection to the resources that our staff, previous landowners, and partners have invested in. The fire trailer (pictured below) meets Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) specifications and can be deployed whenever work with an associated fire risk is being completed.

The equipment trailer will help the district facilitate property management activities more efficiently by increasing our ability to move district owned conservation equipment. Currently, the district relies on volunteers, contractors, and/or trailer rentals to move equipment. Being able to move equipment on demand will be a large time saver and give staff increased flexibility to implement work at appropriate times.

Thank You to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund!



Join Oregon State University, Polk County SWCD and Yamhill County SWCD for a free, 5-session webinar series.

Living on the Land is a workshop series tailored for small acreage landowners and those new to managing land. Presentations will be given live by local experts. The course is a series, registration is for all five weeks. Click here to register!

Topics include:

  • Soils & Weeds – September 22nd
  • Tax Assessment – September 29th
  • Water Rights, Wells & Septic – October 6th
  • Pastures, Mud & Manure Management – October 13th
  • Forestry & Riparian Areas – October 20th




The annual Oregon State University (OSU) Seed and Cereal Crop Growers Meeting has gone virtual!

Join OSU for three FREE webinars throughout September! Each webinar qualifies for one pesticide credit through Oregon Department of Agriculture.


When: September 16th,  8:30 – 10 am      What: Vole Management and Soil Fertility Updates, Register at

When: September 17th, 8:30 – 10 am       What: Slug and Weed Managment, Register at

When: September 23rd, 8:30 – 10 am       What: Wheat – Variety, Disease, Agronomic Management, Register at






In Memory of Charlie Coates

Charlie Coates was an active member of our community.  He volunteered at many places including the library, the elementary school reading program, and Miller Woods.

Charlie worked most Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9am to 2pm. I say he worked because he was more than what you typically think of as a volunteer. Charlie, along with our weekly group of guys came out on nice days, sweltering days and freezing cold days.

We would not always work together but at break time and lunchtime the bell would ring and everyone would come from different directions to chat about their lives, politics and families.  Over the years, Charlie, along with the other guys became the Miller Woods family.

We will miss his laughter and eagerness to pitch in wherever he could help. We will miss his Santa hat and sweaters and we will carry him in our hearts.

The Miller Woods Family,

Sonya, Wendell, Jim, Paul, Joe, Rick, Brad, Lyne & Yamhill SWCD Staff



Donate to Miller Woods in Memory of Charlie Coates
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