In Memory of Charlie Coates


Charlie Coates was an active member of our community.  He volunteered at many places including the library, the elementary school reading program, and Miller Woods.

Charlie worked most Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9am to 2pm. I say he worked because he was more than what you typically think of as a volunteer. Charlie, along with our weekly group of guys came out on nice days, sweltering days and freezing cold days.

We would not always work together but at break time and lunchtime the bell would ring and everyone would come from different directions to chat about their lives, politics and families.  Over the years, Charlie, along with the other guys became the Miller Woods family.

We will miss his laughter and eagerness to pitch in wherever he could help. We will miss his Santa hat and sweaters and we will carry him in our hearts.

The Miller Woods Family,

Sonya, Wendell, Jim, Paul, Joe, Rick, Brad, Lyne & Yamhill SWCD Staff



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