White Alder


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Alnus rhombifolia

Size/Zone: BR 12 – 24″

Sun: Prefers full sun

Soil Conditions: Moist soils, wet areas

Special Uses:  Timber, supports pollinators, birds, hummingbirds, bank stabilization

Quick growing, lives only up to 100 yrs. Prefers moist areas and stream banks.  Like red alder, it also has a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen fixing bacteria.  Great for stabilizing banks.

Habitat Notes: Native to the valley floor. Will tolerate more extreme conditions (flooding, drought) than red alder. Can be found in clay soils along small and large waterways in the county.

ID Notes: Leaves are deeply veined and tend to be more rounded & glossy than red alder. Also, does not have as deep of serration on leaf edges as red alder. Does not achieve the height of a red alder either.


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Height at 20 yrs. 50 ft. Deer Browse Low-Moderate
Mature Height  70 ft. Wildlife Value   Moderate
Growth Rate Rapid Timber Value   High
Lifespan Long Resprout Ability  Yes
Moisture Use High Hardiness  Moderate-High
Drought Tolerance Moderate  
Sun Tolerance Moderate  

USDA Plant Database

Wildflower Native Plant Database

Photo Credits: The Wild Garden, www.nwplants.com, Mitch Barrie