Red Alder


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Alnus rubra

Size/Zone: BR 12 – 24″

Sun: Prefers full sun

Soil Conditions: Moist soils, wet areas

Special Uses:  Timber, supports pollinators, birds, hummingbirds

Good species to plant along streams to provide shade and erosion control. Brownish catkins in the spring.

Habitat Notes: Native to the foothills and coast range mountains. Prefers gravelly over clay soils.  Prefers full sun conditions. Will be prone to moisture stress during 1st summer. Will grow 3 ft. + / year after established.

ID Notes: Leaves are very coarse and deeply veined with slightly serrated edges. Catkins also distinctive. Bark is smooth, light gray and often white with lichens.


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Height at 20 yrs. 50 ft. Deer Browse Moderate
Mature Height 100 ft. Wildlife Value Moderate
Growth Rate Rapid Timber Value High
Lifespan Short Resprout Ability Yes
Moisture Use High Hardiness Moderate-High
Drought Tolerance Low-Moderate
Sun Tolerance High

USDA Plant Database

Wildflower Native Plant Database

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