Pacific Madrone


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Arbutus menziesii

Size/Zone: Bandpot

Sun: Full/Partial Sun

Soil Conditions: Well Drained

Habitat Notes: Grows in full to partial sun on rocky dry soils. Occupies same habitat as Oregon white oak. Very difficult to establish when young. Vulnerable to disease and fungus.

ID Notes:  The only evergreen hardwood tree in the county. Distinctive reddish-orange peeling bark. White urn shaped flowers in the spring. Red drooping berries in the fall. Leaves are glossy and stiff.


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Height at 20 yrs. 15 ft. Deer Browse Low
Mature Height 80 ft. Wildlife Value High
Growth Rate Slow Timber Value No
Lifespan Long Resprout Ability Yes
Moisture Use Low Hardiness Low
Drought Tolerance High  
Sun Tolerance Moderate  

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Wildflower Native Plant Database

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