WV Ponderosa Pine


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Pinus ponderosa

Size/Zone: BR 2-0 / 251

Soil Conditions: Adaptable – Grows on wet and dry sites

Special Uses: Timber, wildlife ,forage, cover, food

Native pine to Willamette Valley. Popular for its straight growth habit that exposes scaled, colored bark with a vanilla fragrance.

Habitat Notes: This is the valley version of the pine found in central Oregon. The conifer with the highest tolerance for wet clay soils. Can tolerate limited periods of winter flooding as well as summer drought conditions.  Needs a substantial amount of moisture to establish in first year, but will not in years 2 +.

ID Notes: The only native pine in the valley. Widely spaced branch whorls, long needles and cracked bark.

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Height at 20 yrs. 40 ft. Deer Browse Low
Mature Height 150 ft. Wildlife Value Moderate
Growth Rate Medium Timber Value No, but future potential
Lifespan Long Resprout Ability No
Moisture Use Moderate Hardiness Moderate
Drought Tolerance High
Sun Tolerance High

USDA Plant Database

Wildflower Native Plant Database

Photo Credits: The Wild Garden, www.nwplants.com, Walter Siegmund