Western Hemlock


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Tsuga heterophylla 

Size/Zone: Plug 1

Sun: Some sun or shade, or full shade

Soil Conditions: Fairly dry to wet sites

Special Uses: Timber, birds, wildlife, forage, cover, food

Fast growing, adaptable conifer, seedlings prefer to develop under shade. Seeds are an important food source for birds and small mammals.

Habitat Notes: Found in higher elevations in moist fog belt areas. Not a valley species. Sunburns easily and dries out quickly. Requires soil rich with organic matter.

ID Notes:  Short, flat, blunt needles. Feathery looking from a distance. Leader and branches drooping. Small, numerous cones.

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Height at 20 yrs. 35 ft. Deer Browse Low
Mature Height 100 ft. Wildlife Value Moderate
Growth Rate Slow Timber Value Moderate-High
Lifespan Long Resprout Ability No
Moisture Use Moderate Hardiness Low
Drought Tolerance Low  
Sun Tolerance Low-Moderate  

USDA Plant Database

Wildflower Native Plant Database

Photo Credits: Chris M Morris, The Wild Garden, www.nwplants.com