Noble Fir


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Abies procera

Size/Zone: BR 2-0 – 251

Sun: Prefers Full Sun, can tolerate sun or some shade

Soil Conditions:Prefers deep, rich soils

Special Uses: Christmas Trees, wildlife, forage, cover, food

Largest true fir, flat needles in two distinct horizontal rows, cones sit upright on branches. Good food and cover for wildlife.


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USDA Plant Database

Wildflower Native Plant Database

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Additional Information

Habitat Notes: A true timber tree found in both the Coast & Cascade ranges. Prefers moist, but well-drained soils.  Do not plant this in heavy clay soils! It may survive & grow initially, but will start to die as the roots reach into the water table. Needs full sun exposure.

ID Notes: Lower branches droop while upper branches swoop up. Soft pliable needles in a radial arrangement around the stem. Buds are oval-conical with a pointed apex.