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Gaultheria shallon

Size/Zone: Plugs

Sun: Full sun, can tolerate sun or some shade, or full shade

Soil Conditions: Well drained soils

Special Uses:  Supports pollinators, birds

Dark green, lustrous leaves, white or pink flowers after establishment. Good forest understory species.

Habitat Notes: Will grow in a variety of settings, but typically found in a conifer forest understory. Forms thickets and can be invasive in a garden setting.

ID Notes: Large green leathery leaves on reddish stems. Flowers are clusters of drooping white to pinkish flowers. Berries are bluish black color and are edible. One of the few local evergreen shrubs.


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Height at 20 yrs. 1 ft. Deer Browse Low
Mature Height  6 ft. Wildlife Value   Moderate
Growth Rate Rapid Timber Value   N/A
Lifespan Moderate Resprout Ability  Yes
Moisture Use High Hardiness  High
Drought Tolerance Low  
Sun Tolerance Moderate  

USDA Plant Database

Wildflower Native Plant Database

Photo Credits: The Wild Garden,, Wing-Chi Poon, Walter Siegmund