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Rhamnus purshiana

Size/Zone: BR 12 – 24″

Sun: Can tolerate sun or some shade, or full shade

Soil Conditions: Wet to fairly dry

Special Uses: Supports pollinators, wildlife, forage, cover, food, bank stabilization

Erect tall shrub or small tree with smooth, silver-grey bark. Glossy green leaves, greenish-yellow small flowers, black berries.

Habitat Notes: Occurs in moist well drained soils along streams. More typically found in foothills and mountains of the coast range.

ID Notes: Can take a tree or shrub form.  Leaves look similar to an alder leaf (distinctly veined). New wood is reddish. Prolific fruit starts green and turns dark purplish-black in the fall.  Locally referred to as Chittam tree.


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Height at 20 yrs. 15 ft. Deer Browse Low
Mature Height  40 ft. Wildlife Value   High
Growth Rate Slow Timber Value   No, Medical Use
Lifespan Long Resprout Ability  Yes
Moisture Use Moderate Hardiness  Moderate
Drought Tolerance Moderate  
Sun Tolerance Moderate

USDA Plant Database

Wildflower Native Plant Database

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