Noxious Weeds

What are noxious weeds:

Noxious weed

A noxious weed or injurious weed is a weed that has been designated by an agricultural authority as one that is injurious to agricultural or horticultural crops, natural habitats or ecosystems, or humans or livestock. Most noxious weeds have been introduced into an ecosystem by ignorance, mismanagement, or accident. Some noxious weeds are native. Typically they are plants that grow aggressively, multiply quickly without natural controls (native herbivores, soil chemistry, etc.), and display adverse effects through contact or ingestion. Noxious weeds are a large problem in many parts of the world, greatly affecting areas of agriculture, forest management, nature reserves, parks and other open space.[1]

These weeds are typically agricultural pests, though many also have impacts on natural areas. Many noxious weeds have come to new regions and countries through contaminated shipments of feed and crop seeds or intentional introductions such as ornamental plants for horticultural use.

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Noxious Weed List 2018-2019

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Scotch Broom (cytisus scoparius)

Tansy Ragwort (senecio jacobaea L.)

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If you think you’ve seen an invasive weed, please report it! The easiest way to report invaders is to visit the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline website and click the Report Now button.

Noxious Weed List 2018-2019

2018 Noxious Weed Committee Report