Habitat Conservation Plan

Yamhill County Private Lands Habitat Conservation Plan for Fenders Blue Butterfly

The Private Lands Habitat Conservation Plan balances endangered species protection with economic viability of rural lands within Yamhill County.
Prairie habitats and the species they support are becoming exceedingly rare in Yamhill County. This plan focuses on one of the most endangered species within the county, the Fender’s blue butterfly.
The best available science and conservation experience is used to identify where these species are, what their habitat requirements are and what best management practices will provide long term viability.
The Plan only applies to privately owned lands that support the butterfly and only applies to common land uses in these areas including grazing, hay production, vineyard development and management as well as forestland development.
The Habitat Conservation Plan describes how private landowners will avoid, minimize or mitigate impacts to Fender’s blue butterfly habitat. It also describes conservation measures which will improve butterfly habitat and bolster populations.
This plan will help conserve many other associated prairie dependent species including various plants, birds and mammals. Proactive conservation of these species may help to keep these populations from declining to the point of being listed as threatened or endangered.


How will this affect my current land use?
A goal of this HCP is to ensure landowners can continue to use their land as they have in the past. This HCP does not create new laws, but rather softens endangered species regulations already in place. Best Management Practices (BMPs) are outlined for some of the most common land uses and should be followed.
How will I benefit from this HCP?
Landowners within the flight zone will be eligible for inclusion within the Incidental Take Permit which will be awarded upon approval of the completed HCP. Landowners following the BMPs will have confidence that they are in compliance with ESA regulations. There may also be financial assistance for landowners within the flight zone who are interested in enhancing butterfly habitat on their property.
Does everyone need to follow the BMPs?
No. If you do not have Fender’s blue butterfly, Kincaid’s lupine or native nectar species, the HCP will not have an effect on your land uses.
How can I find out if I have these species?
Free, no obligation surveys are provided through the District. Findings will remain confidential unless permission is given to share the data. Survey visits will be coordinated with the landowner.
What else do I need to do?
If you plan on changing land uses, contact the District for a free consultation on how the plan will or will not affect you.