Sheet and Rill Erosion can Cause Massive Amounts of Soil Loss.

Erosion is a natural process, however there are farming practices that can cause higher rates of erosion which in turn reduces agricultural productivity, fills ditches and waterways, carry nutrients or chemicals to streams and negatively affects wildlife.

On an acre of land, losing 1/32 of an inch of soil, which is no thicker than a dime, can equal 5 tons!

There are recommended Best Management Practices, or BMPs, that landowners can implement on their property to control erosion and minimize soil loss.  Depending on your soils, climate, topography or agricultural management implementing a single BMP or a suite of BMPs will go a long way in curtailing erosion.  At the District we provide free technical assistance to help plan and implement BMPs on your property.  

Mulching is a BMP that Provides Many Benefits for Erosion Control. We Recommend that Mulching be Done at 85% Coverage to Prevent Erosion.

Best Management Practices to minimize erosion include:

  • Cover Cropping
  • No till/minimum tillage
  • Installing sediment catch basins
  • Grassed waterways
  • Excluding animal access to waterways
  • Maintaining vegetative filter strips and riparian buffers
  • Mulching
  • Contour farming
  • Good pasture management

For more information on erosion BMPs or technical assistance on how to implement them on your property, please contact the District.