Conservation Planning

Conservation Planning: A Free Resource to Landowners

It’s up to you, as property owners, to decide on the best ways to improve the productivity, sustainability, and profitability of your operation. For many property owners, conservation planning serves as a fundamental starting point for maintaining and improving the natural resources that support productive and profitable agricultural operations.
Every farm or ranch has its own unique resource problems or concerns.  Whether you own a large scale ranching operation, or a small acreage hobby farm, conservation planning is an important and voluntary first step owners can take to meet land management and production goals. At your request, Certified Conservation Planners from Yamhill Soil & Water Conservation District can provide planning assistance to help identify options that provide the greatest conservation benefit while meeting your land’s goals.

What is a Conservation Plan?

A conservation plan is a written record of the management decisions and the conservation practices that are in use or planned for a farm or land operation. A conservation plan combines the farming or ranching skills of the owner and/or operator with the science-based knowledge of the conservation planner to preserve or enhance natural resources.

What is Included in a Conservation Plan?

 What are the Benefits of Developing a Customized Conservation Plan?

  • Identifies immediate or potential resource problems that could hurt production
  • Helps you maintain compliance with environmental regulations
  • Helps you qualify and prepare for conservation programs
  • Improves animal health
  • Can increase property value
  • Protects water quality and improves soil health
  • Establishes a reasonable schedule for you to apply necessary conservation practices
  • Can save you time, labor, and energy
  • Develops alternatives and identify strategies for implementing on-farm solutions
  • Prepares you for agricultural or market certifications
  • Makes your farm or ranch a nicer place to live for you and your family