Miller Woods Property Rules & User Warnings

Property Rules

Thank you for your observance of the following rules which are intended as a guide to keep visitors safe and habitat protected.
1. No pets allowed.
2. Open hours are from dawn until dusk.
3. Stay on marked trails.
4. Bicycles, horses, motorized vehicles, skates, roller blades, and cross-country skiing are not permitted.
5. Hunting, swimming, and fishing are not allowed.
6. No smoking, alcohol, or firearms allowed at any time.
7. No public access to barn, caretakers house, and other posted areas.
8. Please respect wildlife and other visitors.
9. Please pack out all garbage.
10. Do not pick flowers or handle wildlife.
11. Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
12. Group visits and educational events need to be authorized in advance by contacting the District.
13. No Drones.

Miller Woods Property User Warnings

Miller Woods is a place to experience nature. The following list of hazards shall be listed in official
publications, posted in the visitor kiosk, listed on the Miller Woods web site, and delivered to
applicants for group use and volunteer service via mail or email. The purpose of this is safety and
incident prevention.
All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Groups should have at least one
adult for each ten children. Bring enough adults to supervise even if your group is broken into small
sub-groups for activities.
Warm summer conditions can lead to dehydration; Cooler than expected conditions, especially coupled
with rain, can lead to hypothermia in the spring, winter, and fall. Whether permitting dress in layers
and bring rain gear.
Most of the roads and trails are somewhat cleared of these plants. If you leave trails, especially along
field edges, you will encounter poison oak and stinging nettles. Wear long pants and sleeves and
assume that some poison oak oil has made its way onto your shoes. Wash with Technu or similar soap
after visiting Miller Woods.
Trails, bridges, and stream crossings are commonly wet and slippery for much of the year. Exercise
caution when hiking the trails and choose sturdy well soled boots.
There are two ponds on the property. No swimming or boating is allowed. Exercise caution along
pond edge or from floating island located in Otter Pond.
Ground nests and paper nests located in trees and shrubs are common. Hornets defend these areas and
can swarm if disturbed – especially in the fall. Do not allow anyone in your group to knowingly harass
a nest. Report nest locations to SWCD on a comment card at the kiosk if a problem occurs on a trail.
Prevent hornet attacks by wearing shoes and socks and long sleeves and pants. Avoid scented
perfumes and products. Leave the area quickly if someone is stung.
Wind gusts can make the forest a dangerous place by breaking off limbs, uprooting trees, or causing
previously broken off limbs to fall from the canopy. If you visit Miller Woods on a windy day – do
not hike in the forested portions of the property.
Miller Woods is home to many species of wildlife. If an animal acts aggressively exit the area and
report to the District immediately. Cougar, bear, deer, porcupines, and other animals are known to pass through the property.