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Discovery Loop Trail

The Discovery Trail, a short one-third mile loop, was made to increase the educational and recreational opportunities at Miller Woods by acquainting visitors to the rich environmental variety of Yamhill County. The interpretive signs around the loop introduces various plant and animal communities that are part of Miller Woods. Each includes suggested age-appropriate educational activities for visitors.

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Wildlife Cover Boards at Miller Woods

While exploring Miller Woods, take a moment to examine the Wildlife Cover Boards. The boards have a wood frame surrounding corrugated metal and have a handle so you can lift and see what critters may be underneath! Reptiles, amphibians, and/or small mammals may use the boards to stay cool and to hide from predators.

Use the map below to find the locations of all eleven boards. Below, you will find descriptions and photos to identify the various animals you may find hiding under or around the cover boards. Animals may not always be present… but you never know what you’ll find!


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Click on an animal photo below to see their name and description!

Annual Miller Woods 10k Trail Race

Every October, Miller Woods hosts a trail race featuring a mix of single track and narrow dirt service roads.
You can use the map below to run the official race course.  The yellow line traces the first section.  The second section of the race, marked by the white line, is the standard ‘Outer Loop’.