Join Oregon Pasture Network and instructor, Woody Lane, for a three day, practical workshop on grazing, pastures, & soils.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up a grazing system
  • How to evaluate your pasture
  • The 4 Critical Principles of good grazing
  • When to open the gate
  • When to move animals off a pasture
  • How to sample soils and use the soil test numbers
  • Which fertilizers to use and when to apply them
  • Which forages are best for different purposes
  • Repairing pastures after a wildfire


Date: Monday       10/26       6–8:30 pm

 Tuesday        10/27      6–8:30 pm

 Wednesday  10/28      6–8:30 pm


Advanced Registration Online Only! Find out more and REGISTER at


Instructor: Woody Lane

Livestock nutritionist & forage specialist, Roseburg • Teaches popular forage and nutrition workshops around the U.S. • Ph.D. in livestock nutrition, Cornell University • Past President, Oregon Forage & Grassland Council • Consulting in Oregon since 1990 •