Soil Health/Erosion Reduction

Cover Crops for Hazelnut Growers 

Financial Assistance is available now from USDA and the District to prevent soil erosion, improve soil health, and enhance water quality on your hazelnut orchards.

You may be eligible for financial assistance of between 75-100% cost share to perform the following activities on your property:

  • Conservation Cover from $68-$91/acre to establish permanent vegetation between rows
  • Cover Crop from $50-$67/acre for winter erosion prevention
  • Mulching from $181-$242/acre for winter erosion prevention
  • Herbaceous Weed Treatment from $13-$18/acre for noxious weed control
  • Field Border from $789 –$1053/acre to better filter surface water at field edges
  • Critical Area Planting from $463-$618/acre to repair gully erosion and establish vegetation

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Mulch provides protection from rain impact which helps to prevent erosion and also adds organic matter to soil as it breaks down.

The District will provide a service that includes delivery and application of wheat straw to areas of erosion concern.

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No-Till Drill

In 2016 the District purchased a 6 foot no-till drill.  This equipment is perfect for planting in between orchard rows, filter strips near ditches, and waterways or field borders.

To rent the drill:

  • Please fill out the Equipment Rental Agreement
  • Provide District with Proof of Insurance. A sample is provided in the rental agreement packet.
  • $150 refundable deposit is required. When the drill is returned clean and undamaged, your refund will be processed. Note: if you pay the deposit by check, we will simply return your original check. Cleaning instructions are provided: Equipment Cleaning Instructions
Contact Keith Nasman About the No-Till Drill

To check availability, contact Keith Nasman at 503-798-5221 or use the form below:

Natural Resources Conservation Service – EQIP

Are you interested in no-till, cover crops, and/or irrigation equipment upgrades?  The Natural Resources Conservation Service is assisting landowners in preventing soil erosion by providing technical and financial assistance for best management practices.

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