Equipment Rental

The Yamhill Soil & Water Conservation District purchased a 2016 Land Pride 606 No-Till Compact Drill. It is now available for rent to Yamhill County residents.

Weekday Rental Rate

Any 24-hour period – Monday AM – Friday AM


Weekend Rental Rate

Friday PM – Monday AM


Rental includes delivery/pick up to/from your property and a brief orientation to the equipment.

Drill rental is available only to residents of Yamhill County.


To rent the drill:

  • Please fill out the Equipment Rental Agreement
  • Provide District with Proof of Insurance.  See Example
  • $150 refundable deposit is required. When the drill is returned clean and undamaged, your refund will be refunded. Note: if you pay the deposit by check, we will simply return your original check. Cleaning instructions are provided: Equipment Cleaning Instructions


No Till Drill Training Video from Pierce SWCD

-This is a 25 min video that is a great introduction to how the drill works and covers seed calibration and adjusting planting depth.

2016 Land Pride 606 No-Till Compact Drill Equipment Specs

2016 Land Pride 606 No-Till Compact Drill Manual


To check availability, contact Jessica LaRue at 503-472-6403 or use the form below: