Duniway Students Make a Difference at Miller Woods


Duniway Middle School students spent three days of volunteer service outdoors enhancing Miller Woods and making it an even better place to visit and enjoy.

Volunteer Theresa Crain’s group removed and sifted through duck weed all three days, resulting in a much healthier pond for plants and wildlife.

Miller Woods volunteer Charlie Coates led a group of students along the new trail, collecting rocks. The rocks were used to start a rock pile near the small pond for reptile habitat.

Rick Thomas, Miller Woods volunteer, and Sonya Wilkerson, Miller Woods Property Manager, led their group along the newly created trails where students pushed over the dirt walls onto the trails. This ended up being a very muddy project, and one that was not repeated on subsequent days. And THANK YOU to all the students and Miller Woods volunteer leaders, and Sonya Wilkerson for making this a very productive three days of service!