Dammed to Extinction – The Life of the Pacific Coast Orca Whales


Dammed to Extinction

February 7 @ 7pm (doors open 6:30pm)

Odd Fellows Hall, 223 SW 2nd St. Corvallis
Suggested donation $5/person, $10/family

For eons, a one-of-a-kind population of killer whales has hunted chinook salmon along the Pacific Coast of the United States. For the last 40 years, renowned whale scientist Ken Balcomb has closely observed a deadly pattern, as salmon numbers plummet the orcas starve. The solution, says Balcomb, is getting rid of four fish-killing dams 500 miles away on the largest tributary to what once was the largest chinook producing river on earth.

After the one-hour film, you are invited to stay for a panel discussion and Q&A session. The film writer, Steve Hawley, along with Dr. Gordon Grant, Dr. Lisa Ballance (new Director Marine Mammal Institute in Newport), and Kirk Schroeder will also be on the panel.

View film trailer at https://vimeo.com/355409642