Alphabet Soup Volunteers – Pumpkin Pickin’ Partners

Farm Services Agency (FSA), National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and Yamhill SWCD joined forces to pick and donate pumpkins and squash to the local Department of Human Services recipient families.  Farmer Johns of McMinnville donated pumpkins and May Brothers from Dayton donated squash. The volunteer crew picked and delivered the fall fair on Friday, October 6. Everyone had a great time knowing they were providing pumpkins for carving to children who may not have otherwise had the opportunity. The project was so successful and fun, the group has decided to make this a annual event.  Thank you for putting a smile on those little faces., as well as your own.

Photo: L-R Marie Vicksta (Yamhill SWCD),  Eileen Whitcomb with Michelle Schryver (FSA ) and Rachel Russell with Sergio Villaseñor (NRCS).