Join Oregon State University, Polk County SWCD and Yamhill County SWCD for a free, 5-session webinar series.

Living on the Land is a workshop series tailored for small acreage landowners and those new to managing land. Presentations will be given live by local experts. The course is a series, registration is for all five weeks. Click here to register!

Topics include:

  • Soils & Weeds – September 22nd
  • Tax Assessment – September 29th
  • Water Rights, Wells & Septic – October 6th
  • Pastures, Mud & Manure Management – October 13th
  • Forestry & Riparian Areas – October 20th



The annual Oregon State University (OSU) Seed and Cereal Crop Growers Meeting has gone virtual!

Join OSU for three FREE webinars throughout September! Each webinar qualifies for one pesticide credit through Oregon Department of Agriculture.

When: September 16th,  8:30 – 10 am      What: Vole Management and Soil Fertility Updates, Register at

When: September 17th, 8:30 – 10 am       What: Slug and Weed Managment, Register at

When: September 23rd, 8:30 – 10 am       What: Wheat – Variety, Disease, Agronomic Management, Register at






Siletz Tribe Charitable Fund Supports District Projects

The district wants to thank the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund.

On February 7, 2020 the district received a $6,000 grant award to help with the purchase of a fire trailer, hose, and gear to protect conservation acres managed by the district. An additional $6,000 grant was awarded July 28, 2020 to help with the purchase of an equipment trailer. Both of these grants fulfill huge needs for the district.

The fire trailer will help protect district properties during fire season and provide a higher level of safety and liability protection to the resources that our staff, previous landowners, and partners have invested in. The fire trailer meets Oregon Department of Forestry specifications and can be deployed whenever work with an associated fire risk is being completed.

The equipment trailer will help the district facilitate property management activities more efficiently by increasing our ability to move district owned conservation equipment. Currently, the district relies on volunteers, contractors, and/or trailer rentals to move equipment. Being able to move equipment on demand will be time saver and give staff increased flexibility to implement work at appropriate times.

Thank You to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund!


In Memory of Charlie Coates

Charlie Coates was an active member of our community.  He volunteered at many places including the library, the elementary school reading program, and Miller Woods.

Charlie worked most Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9am to 2pm. I say he worked because he was more than what you typically think of as a volunteer. Charlie, along with our weekly group of guys came out on nice days, sweltering days and freezing cold days.

We would not always work together but at break time and lunchtime the bell would ring and everyone would come from different directions to chat about their lives, politics and families.  Over the years, Charlie, along with the other guys became the Miller Woods family.

We will miss his laughter and eagerness to pitch in wherever he could help. We will miss his Santa hat and sweaters and we will carry him in our hearts.


The Miller Woods Family,

Sonya, Wendell, Jim, Paul, Joe, Rick, Brad, Lyne & Yamhill SWCD Staff



Donate to Miller Woods in Memory of Charlie Coates