Grazing Animal Management

Grazing Animal Management WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 – 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Join OSU Extension and Polk Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) staff as they explore spring forage resources, manure management, riparian grazing and watershed protection.

INFO & REGISTRATION: Go to smallfarms.oregonstate.edu/mid-valley/events or contact Victoria Binning at 503-373-3374 or email  victoria.binning@oregonstate.edu

Claudia Ingham, Polk SWCD  |  Jenifer Cruickshank, OSU Extension  | Victoria Binning, OSU Extension

LOCATION: HART Farm at 6665 Rickreall Rd, Independence, OR

COST: $10 – cash and check at the event, or register online

2018 Native Plant Sale a Huge Success

Our 2018 Native Sale was a huge success. Over 900 people attended the two day event and 36,000 native plants were sold. Plants native to the Pacific Northwest are some of the most attractive plants for gardens anywhere in the world. They include plants of all statures, from towering trees to creeping ground-covers. Many of the flowering shrubs are excellent choices for garden borders and wildlife gardens.

We could not host an event of this scale without the many volunteers who spent countless hours helping the district tag plants, fill the orders, set up the area, work the sale and clean up!  We thank you so much for supporting us in our mission to establish more native plants in our communities.

The District is Looking for Volunteers

The District is looking for volunteers to help with the Annual Native Plant Sale, February 21 through March 3. If you like to have fun and want to help out, there are several opportunities prior to and during the sale. Please contact Mary at 503-472-6403 or email info@yamhillswcd.org.

Please note: The call for volunteers in the current newsletter edition, January 2018, on the back page displays an incorrect phone number. The number listed here is correct.


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